Mahesh Babu Testing His Luck In Lottery

Mahesh Babu during his recent trip to Europe had bought four scratch-off lottery tickets, each worth 1 million euro prize (Rs 7.5 crores) where only one-in-six million tickets has the odds of winning the top prize. In the picture, Mahesh Babu was seen eagerly scratching off the cards to check if he was that lucky one.

We can see that out of four tickets he has, the first two are near miss and Mahesh is hoping to find his jackpot in remaining two tickets. It is heard that Mahesh Babu has a liking for lottery tickets from his childhood days despite overwhelming statistical evidence that chances of winning the lottery are depressingly small.

Mahesh Babu went to Europe along with his family for picturisation of two songs in his upcoming film 'Spyder', under the direction of A.R Murugadoss. The songs willl be filmed in the exotic locations of Europe on the lead pair. Produced by Lyca Productions, the film will be released in Telugu and Tamil languages on September 27. The makers are planning to release the teaser on 9th August on the occasion of Mahesh's birthday.