Mahesh Says, He Will Not Do Like Jr.NTR

Its not just the fans of Mahesh Babu and Jr.NTR have opposite views on each other stars, even the actors themselves does not like what each other had been doing. Currently, Mahesh Babu is busy promoting his bilingual film “Spyder” and Jr.NTR is busy with his grand finale of “Bigg Boss Telugu”.

When the media asked Mahesh Babu whether he is in the game for small screen shows like his co-star Jr.NTR had been doing with Bigg Boss, Mahesh replied that he is not interested in shooting for television shows or small screens and would never do that.

“When I am not doing film shooting, I would prefer spending time with my family. I don’t want to complicate my life by keeping my fingers in everything. I am a simple man and I prefer a simple life.  I am very clear about utilizing my time, it either has to be films or my family” shared Mahesh Babu.

Meanwhile when Jr.NTR was quizzed whether he is interested in doing bilinguals similar to what his co-star Mahesh Babu is doing, Jr NTR said that he would never go for bilinguals, “For some strange reason, I don't believe in doing bilinguals or trilinguals. I would love to do Tamil films. I don't want to do something and just lose. Telugu and Tamil are two different markets. I would approach them differently.” shared Jr.NTR