Mahesh Says, His Life Is Easy Now!

Mahesh Babu, who is now busy with the shooting of his upcoming political thriller film “Bharat Ane Nenu” under Koratala Siva’s direction, had shared that shooting for this movie had been cake walk for him after the stressful “Spyder” experience.

“Before starting the shooting for Spyder, I thought that shooting for bi-lingual film would not be that difficult as I just need to repeat the dialogues twice, one time in Telugu language and one time in Tamil language. But once the Spyder shooting started, I came know how wrong I was. The whole shooting experience was pretty tedious. In order to get the correct shot, I have to repeat every dialogue for nearly five times in Telugu and another five times in Tamil.”

“Imagine doing that for all the 80 scenes which are present in that film. Now when I am shooting for “Bharat Ane Nenu” under Koratala Siva’s direction, things had been cake-walk for me and I keep on thinking how easy it is to make a film in one language. During the initial days, I used to shoot for both "Spyder" and "Bharat Ane Nenu" simultaneously and while I was shooting for BAN when Siva says to me shot is ok, I used to get ready to repeat the same dialogue in Tamil and Siva used to remind me that I don’t need to do in Tamil. That’s the kind of impact Spyder shooting had on me.” said Mahesh Babu