Mahesh's Director Cries Foul About Film Awards

Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film director A.R. Murugadoss is unhappy with the national film awards winner list. He opinioned that the jury did not give the award to the real talents but it was given because of the external pressures and partiality of the jury members.

"National Awards. I can clearly witness the influence and partiality of people in jury. It's biased," Murugadoss said.

Soon social media began discussing about this topic on whom Murugadoss is targeting. Some were quoting that, Murugadoss is not happy with Best Actor award given to Akshay Kumar instead of Aamir Khan for “Dangal”. While other are of view that if you act in a patriotic movie, donate money to Army & Jury member is friend then the award is yours.

Filmmaker Priyadarshan, head of the jury of National Film Awards, is close friend of Akshay Kumar and Mohanlal. That is one of the reason that people are slamming Akshay Kumar and Mohanlal, eventhough both are known for very good acting skills.

Critics are quoting that it is not good for a director of that level to call national film awards as farce, since his “Ghajini” hero did not get the award. It became fashion now a days to praise if you or people close to you won awards and curse if you or your people don’t get the award. If everyone gets awards, then there is no value for it. Maybe awards should be distributed like Prasadam to all filmmakers who had ever attempted to make/worked in a movie for that particular year so that everyone will be happy.