Mahindra Chairman's Satire On Balayya

Nandamuri Balakrishna is known not just for beating hundreds of goons to a pulp in his movies but also for performing logic defying stunts in his films. Whether it is sending the train in reverse (with villains on the rooftop) by using his sheer mental strength or pulling a chair towards him with just a slap of his thigh, no one can match his adventurous stunts that can put physics to shame.

Recently in Jai simha movie, Balayya has similar hero elevation scene where he is seen lifting a Mahindra Bolero vehicle with his single hand to remove a milk bottle that is below the vehicle. This particular scene had been trending in social media where netizens had been sharing it across their circles, which had eventually reached Mahindra group Chairman, Anand Mahindra.

After watching the scene, Anand Mahindra had posted a sarcastic reply on his twitter saying “Haha. Now all our service workshops won’t need any hydraulic lifts anymore to do Bolero check-ups!!”. Soon, fans of Balakrishna started responding to the trolls saying that, “If Prabhas does such stunts in Baahubali, everyone says WOW, but if our Nata Simha Balayya does a simple stunt, you guys laugh.This is called hypocrisy”