Manchu Manoj Takes U Turn

Manchu Manoj took U-turn on his earlier decision to quit acting. Today morning he had announced on his twitter page saying, "Okkadu migiladu and my next film will be my last films as an actor. thank u all," and now he backpedaled on his previous statement saying that’s not what he meant.

“Wow! Didn’t expect such an overwhelming response/criticism from media darlings for my tweet. Everyone really took a different turn!. I had plans to announce my next movie in my own style, but it didn’t go down the right way, did it? Looks like I'd have to wait for things to cool off today before making an official announcement about my next movie. Om Shanti” quipped Manoj

People who had been watching all this drama since morning trolled Manoj saying “This is a bad joke Manoj, why are you becoming RGV of Twitter; you should give such performance in your movies rather than on social media. If you took a decision you should also have guts to stand on it, such cheap publicity stunts will not only damage your career but also lessens audience trust on your words”