Manchu Vishnu's PJ With Pragya

Manchu Vishnu tried to make fun about Pragya Jaiswal’s neck sprain in the shooting location of 'Achari America Yatra'. However, it turned out to be Poor/Pathetic Joke (PJ). Vishnu posted a video on his twitter page where he was seen enquiring about the Pragya Jaiswal’s neck sprain.

In the video, Vishnu in American slang approached Pragya Jaiswal, who was seen putting some ice on her neck and asked her “Miss Pragya, what happened to your neck?” to which Pragya replied saying “I sprained my neck pretty badly?” Vishnu again asked “How, Miss pragya?” to which she replied, “While sleeping in the car” Vishnu tried to make fun saying “Sleeping with?” To which irritated Pragya replied “Sleeping in the car” and our hero tried to end the video saying “Ok Ok Ok”

After Vishnu posted this video with a caption saying, “I don't know if I can believe Pragya’s answer #AAYDiaries” Netizens started trolling him saying “Stop posting clickbait videos, what is so funny in this video? You cheap mind. From next time, if your video is supposed to be a comedy video, just give us a heads-up so that we will prepare ourselves”