Mega Hero Took Wonderful Decision

Hero teasing Heroines and posing with cigarettes had always been portrayed as primary heroic quality in our Indian films. No matter which Indian language movies you take, this type of attitude in hero is pretty common. Teenagers, who always try to impersonate their heroes, get addicted to such kind of behavior in real life and there by spoil their future by imitating such bad habits.

In spite of having numerous debates on this issue, our actors still try to do those scenes on screen to get whistles from partciular segment of audience. However, with the changing times, some actors are coming out of that nonsense and taking a strict stance saying that they will no longer tease women in movies and will not be seen holding cigarettes in their movies. One such star who took this resolution recently is Sai Dharam Tej.

“I have decided not to smoke cigarette in my movies. I will not touch cigarette even if the role demands for it. I may act like drunkard in some scenes but not in smoking scenes anymore. Not just smoking, I do not want to act in the role of eve teaser who irritates a girl to fall in love. If I like some women in real life, I would respect her but not irritate her then why should I portray differently on screen. I will put end to these behaviors at least in my upcoming movies” shared Sai Dharam Tej