Mohanlal Breaks The Internet With His Video

When an actor had acted in more than 300 films and is nearing 60 years, what more surprise can he give to his fans or audience? Already everyone would have seen his makeovers multiple times and usually there would not be anything more the actor could do at that particular age, which can grab the eyeballs.

However, there is one such actor, who still has lot many things under his sleeve in spite of crossing his prime age. Today, Mohanlal has posted a simple video of himself giving New Year wishes to his fans and audience. You might wonder, how his wishes would break the Internet?

It’s not his wishes that were the talk of the town, but his slim and ultra cool look in the video that had become the talk of the town. MohanLal had reduced his weight drastically and completely transformed for his upcoming film 'Odiyan' where he is playing a 30 year old role. His fans were very happy looking at their superstar in young and cool look and started sharing this video, soon this video had become viral among netizens.