Mohanlal Looks Like Chota Bheem Not Bhima

Kamaal R Khan, a self-proclaimed cinema critic, commented on Mohanlal saying that when mohanlal looks like chota bheem, why do he wants to play the role of Bhima in Mahabharata and waste the producers money in Rs 1,000-crore movie.

“Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why do you want to waste money of B R shetty?" stated KRK.

Soon KRK’s social media timelines had been filled with abuses in Malayalam from Mohanlal fans, he again posted series of tweets blaming Mohanlal

“Can't understand why Malayali ppl r abusing me since morning? Mohanlal who is not equal 2 Hathiyar of Bheem n wants 2 play him?. Sir @Mohanlal I have seen you in few films of @RGVzoomin n this is why I know you, n believe me u were looking like a joker in those films. People pls see this Chota Bheem. It will be a biggest insult of Bheem if this joker plays role of greatest Bheem. Instead of abusing me you dumb fans of @Mohanlal should explain, what he was doing with his hand in a public function. He is shameless” he further added.

KRK later said that there is only one hero who can play the role of Bhima in Mahabharata and that is super star Prabhas.

“There is only one super star Prabhas (Bahubali) in India, who can play my favourite character greatest Bheem of #Mahabharata! Good night!” shared KRK.

Later, he got replies from the actor fans saying thet mohanlal is Kerala’s most-celebrated actor and he is the three-time National Award winner. This further pinched KRK and trolled his fans again.

“U idiot fans of Mohanlal, even Madhur Bhandarkar has got 3national awards + Padma Shri, who is not worth of Ghanta award also. So fuck off. U idiot fans of @Mohanlal Aka Laalten Aka Chota Bheem, he has 1.7million follower n I have 3.7million. Calculate to know who is bigger star” tweeted KRK.