Money No Longer Excites Me!

We already knew that Deepika Padukone is the highest paid actress in India as of today. She had been making big bucks lately by demanding huge remuneration that is in line with the top Bollywood heroes. As per the buzz, she is now proudly charging a whopping 20 crores for signing new projects.

After reaching the point where she no longer needs to look back, Deepika says that now-a-days her remunerations does not excite her anymore, "I am happy with what I am getting paid but it does not mean that my remuneration is the thing which makes me proud. I am really proud of working for films like Padmavathi because of the fact that people like Ajit Andhare of Viacom and director Bhansali have invested that kind of money on a film”

“This is the biggest film that Indian cinema has seen not in just terms of scale but in terms of budget and resources and when you are working in such an epic movie, things gets exciting in every possible way. I feel, Padmavati will be the turning point for Indian cinema. It takes an immense amount of belief for all of us to take that risk, in a sense because that is not how the audience is conditioned. Padmavati’s beauty is beyond the physical beauty. It is her soul, her spirit, it is what she meant to her people. She is worshipped and we have to give her that due and this movie is that” shared Deepika Padukone