Movie Which Can Pull Audience Back to Theaters - Baahubali

People in film industry always do their best to increase the popularity of their movie so that audience will come to the theater to watch it. In the age of technology where every other movie is being pirated the next day, it is very challenging for the producers/directors/actors to force people to watch movie only in theaters rather than a pirated movie at their home. In fact, the main goal of the entire film unit is to make sure that all the theaters are booked with houseful boards at least for 2 weeks.

In order to reach their goal, the producer spends lot of money on publicity and hire marketing experts who can promote their movie in creative way so that they can recover the money spent on the movie in first 2 weeks.

If you look the general audience, we can broadly classify them in three categories. The first category are the ones who had bad experiences earlier by watching the movie in theaters since the movies are either too bad or it has same old commercial template with mix of song, dance, romance, fights and stupid comedy, so why waste money on something which is known to be bad? Therefore, they simply ignore watching movies in theaters.

The second category are the ones who think that instead of travelling in traffic and spending 500-2000 rupees for a movie, we can wait for couple of days and watch the same pirated movie at the comfort of the home without spending any money or even watch the movie in a month when it is shown in TV. Why waste money on something which is freely available? is their funda.

The last category are the people who are diehard fans of the stars acted in that move. These category audiences watch the movie in theaters no matter what happens as long as their favorite actor is in the movie.

Now, for a director/producer to bring all these three category audiences to the theatre to watch his movie would be a daunting task, both time wise as well as money wise. Therefore, they simply place their bets on easy categories.

The first category of audience can be brought to the theater if the movie had got some nice reviews and have good public talk. Whereas the third category of audience can be brought to movie by casting the movie star who have good following among masses and youngsters, but it is very difficult to bring the second category of audience to theaters since they are vexed up with routine stuff and dont want to spend money on movie. Hence, most of the directors/producers always focus on first and third category of audience, as they know it is very difficult to bring second category audience to the theater to watch their movie.

However, with the movie like Baahubali, All the three sections are eagerly waiting to watch the movie on the big screen without having any second thought. Why this sudden change in audience? You may ask, when the director is determined to show something that had never been shown before, you can definitely expect exceptional response by awestruck audience as director had struck their chord. Well, that is the power of a good movie that has the capacity to bring all the audience to the theaters, without spending a fortune on publicity.