In general, actress become more homely after marriage. However, Malayali beauty Amala Paul had turned out to be exact opposite after her marriage and divorce fiasco. She had transformed herself from a regular actress to a spicy heroine and the same is visible in her dressing sense and also in the way she is portraying the characters in her upcoming films.

The poster of her upcoming film “Thiruttu Payale 2” (Dongodochadu in Telugu) had become viral because of the exposure of her sensual navel. Talking about this the actress revealed that, “I never thought my navel and figure would create so much buzz around the film. We are living in 2017 and there is so much exposure everywhere, despite that, my navel has become a sensation”

“In this movie, I play a bold and confident woman and I also got a lot of liberty to express myself. The audience will get to see a different side of me in this film. There’s an amazing story, the film revolves around my character, and I got fantastic actors (Prasanna and Bobby Simma) as co-stars. Apart from this, I feel this is my best phase in a long time. I feel like a completely new person, and am all set to live my life in all possible ways” shared Amala Paul