NTR says, He Received

Jr. NTR had conducted a press meet about his latest television venture Bigg Boss and the most important question in everyone’s mike was “How much remuneration have you received for hosting Bigg Boss television show?” Jr.NTR joked saying that he was paid “enough” for this show.

“I have enough money to take care of my family and I haven't thought about the remuneration for Bigg Boss that much. I will be getting good money as per the budget and reach of the show. Not more than that. Honestly, I did not worry much about remuneration. I was more excited about the challenge"

“When Star Maa approached me with the offer, I didn't think even for a minute to say yes. I was intrigued because I saw it as an opportunity to explore myself. I do not know anything about hosting, and I see this as a challenge I would like to take head on. It's also the kind of show where the contestants can also explore themselves”

"My cousin had once introduced me to the show. I must have watched a few minutes of one episode where Salman Khan was hosting. I decided not to watch the show in other languages because I didn't want to get influenced by what other hosts did"

“Jai Lava Kusa has been planned to shoot long time back in Pune and I did not influence anyone to change the location. It is pure coincidence that Bigg Boss shooting is also happening there. There is no truth in me shooting for seventy days also. I will be shooting for the weekend episodes where host is the key and all other weekdays for five days, it is the contestants show.”

“I will interact with them on weekends and relax the tensions and announce results. As a host that is all I'm asked to do and me shooting for weekends is enough for that. I'm just hosting the show not being a contestant in it”

“I am not even told who all are participating in the show. I will only be told about it on the stage during the launch and maybe even I will be surprised looking at the participants. I have no information about the contestants. For the last two weeks, I have been asking Alok Jain about names of contestants and he has not told me yet, I hope they will reveal at least here in front of the media.” Shared Jr. NTR

Bigg Boss Telugu will be aired from July 16 where 12 Telugu celebrities will be locked up in one house for 70 days. The house will be well-furnished with all amenities but will have no access to the outer world, including mobile phones and internet.