After patiently greeting all the media personal, Nagarjuna settled down for a conversation. In a no-holds-barred interview, the actor talked about his upcoming film ‘Devadas' while revealing strange things about his co-actor Nani.

Talking about working with the actor Nani, Nagarjuna said, “He is always glued to his phone 24/7. I think he even uses his phone while sleeping as well. He can’t live a second without looking at his phone. I didn’t find any other younger heroes other than Nani, who are addicted to their phones so much. Just because he is the hero in this movie, I and producer Ashwini Dutt didn’t say anything to him or else I would have pulled his phone and would have smashed it in front him.”

“Even Nani himself admitted about this to me saying that his phone addiction had become a huge problem for him and he don't know how to get out of it. Yesterday in one of the interview he was covering his phone addiction by saying that he is only using the phone just to take notes of his creative thoughts, but if you ask me that is complete trash. It is a disease and he is suffering from it. No doubt about it”