Nani Will Give Private Tuition To Akhil

Naveen Babu Ghanta alia Nani had been receiving praises lately for his performance in “Ninnu Kori”. This had been lucky year for Nani so far, which started with blockbuster success of “Nenu Local”, then received another good news with the birth of his first son Arjun on March 29, 2017 and now continued with the hit of latest release “Ninnu Kori”. 

His success streak had been lately under discussion in film circles on the way he is able to consistently deliver hit movies and that too by releasing multiple films in time span of 5 months, while other actors are struggling to release one film every year, and if that film flops they take even more time to get back on their feet.

Looking at the Nani’s success ratio, Akhil Akkineni was also amazed and called him as “Hit Machine” and asked Nani to teach his success secrets. He tweeted saying “Congratulations to the one and only @NameisNani . You have become a hit machine my brother. So much to learn from you really ! We must chat” to which Nani replied saying “Thank you darling”