Newton Completely Dominated Baahubali

It was already reported that Bollywood movie Newton, which is set against the backdrop of elections in India, has been announced as India's official entry for the foreign language film category at the Oscars. But what’s shocking is, this small budgeted movie had competed with India’s highest budgeted movie “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion” and had finally won the race by winning the votes of the Jury members.

One of the jury member revealed that, “This year we had around 27 entries that came from different languages. Out of those 27, 13 came from Hindi, 5 from Marathi and 8 from Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali and 1 from Tamil. This entries include, this year's biggest blockbuster film “Baahubali: The conclusion” as well. All the jury members carefully scrutinized all these entries and after formal voting, the majority of the jury members opted for ‘Newton’ as India's official entry for the foreign language film category at the Oscars”

Director Rajamouli responded to this news saying, "I don’t make movies for award functions. My formula is simple and straightforward one that has only two goals, one - my movie should make me happy and two - my movie should make money for my producers. When these two objectives are met, I am the most happiest person on this planet. If I planned my movie for award functions, then I would have been disappointed with this news.  However, since that is not the case, this news does not affect me at all”