Nobody Can Touch Rajamouli As Long As I'm With Him.

Music Director, M. M. Keeravani, who had composed for more than 220 films in various Indian languages, is looking at retirement from film industry. On the occasion of pre-release event of his latest movie “Baahubali – The Conclusion”, he is supposed to make an announcement about his retirement.

Keeravani said in a statement “The day has come ... BB2 is getting ready for release. My journey stared with MOULI sir.. after 27 years , here I am with RAJAMOULI. God blessed me with glory and failures. No regrets.only lessons learned. Nobody can touch Rajamouli as long as I am with him. But the point is I have my retirement waiting for me.”

“When I announced my retirement 2 years ago, I received mixed response from all the corners. 99% of them wanted me not to retire . Including my family members, friends and fans. Only a few felt happy. All of them from social media with anonymous ids. Anantha Sriram was the only one who had the courage to support my retirement - on my face . Thaman is eagerly waiting for the moment. He enquired my assistant Jeevan more than once about it. Thaman is my fan too. But he wants Jeevan's availability because he is a very good programmer”

 “I worked mostly with brainless directors. They won't listen to my words. The reason for my best music for SSR. He listens. Directors think that I am just a musician. They won't pay attention for good advice. I predicted many flops of mine while story narration itself.”

“But the directors are deaf. Deafness for good tunes may not harm. But deafness for a good advice is harmful for the director , the film and for myself If at all I continue working as per my well wishers wish, I don't want to work with deaf and dumb directors. Because I was never proud of myself as a musician. I am proud of the writer in me.”

“No one were confident of BB1 phenomenal success including the director, producers and Vaaraahi Sai garu. Apart from Ambika Krishna's wishful thinking- I alone was confident about this kind of success. I miss Kranti Kumar sir. He was arrogant but respected talent. I wish Kranti kumar could witness Rajamouli 's glory and feel proud of him. Kranthikumar represented the pride of Telugu Film Producer. He was never a buffoon.”

“Arka producers became my family members. With out them the biggest movie of India would not have materialised . Ramu garu advised me to accept only prestigious projects like Kshana Kshanam. I never listened to him.”

“Due to my commitment to my huge family, I had to accept every offer that knocked my door. In later stage,RGV himself did not practice the advice he gave me- DON'T GET ASSOCIATED WITH CHEAP PRODUCTIONS. But even after delivering number of fops, RGV remains THE MOST Genius of all. Jaamuraathiri is evergreen.”

“KR is my godfather . I wish he concentrates again on social movies like PELLISANDHADI. No one can reach SSR standards as long as his devotion and passion for work lasts. Idhi vandha SHAATHAM nijam. Idhi naa VEDHA vaakku. After SSR, my hopes are for KANCHI. My opinions match with his 100%. With Veturi gari departure , and Sirivennela ill health, the Telugu lyric is BED ridden now.”

 “My father is the greatest artist and multi talented. I am proud to be his son. My father is the greatest Sanskrit lyricist living now. But I don't like his movie – CHANDRAHAS. With my own discipline and my wife's strong support, I earned much respect in the industry. She is my Sivagami. Even my wife does not want me to retire.”

“But I have to decide. I love my fans. They range from Tirumala devotees to Jesus followers. Nagarjuna garu never left my hand in good times and bad times. Like he said in the middle of Telusaa Manasaa. I am grateful to him. I am grateful to my parents, my family members, gurus, assistants and fans and media for getting me this far. I am grateful to Ramojirao garu , Krishnamraju garu Raghavendrarao garu, Balachander garu and Mahesh Bhat garu.”

“If at all I continue composing music- There won't be any boss for my tunes. Not even the director. If at all I continue .. I will have to be my own boss. Which will increase my responsibility. I don't think any director will like the idea of not having the Music Conposer as his subordinate. The chances of me continuing are less and less as there are more and more brainless directories in Tollywood” He further added.

Hope he withdraws his retirement decision and give us lot more melodies to listen.