Now, Men Furious On Rakul's Statement

“Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam” is getting lot of publicity now a days, but not in a good way. After the statement of Chalapathi Rao had been in news for all the wrong reasons, now another fresh controversy had popped up by the film's lead heroine Rakul Preet Singh.

All hell broke loose with actor Chalapathi Rao’s statement saying, “Women are useful on Bed” at the audio launch event of Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam. Now Rakul Preet Singh’s Statement at the same event had became viral in social media where she said “Men are poisonous, who kill people immediately.”

Men who are hurt with Rakul's statements are questioning her saying “Its good you have angrily commented on Chalapathi Rao saying he must know his age and behave accordingly. But what happened to you? You have said similar disrespectful statement saying men are poisonous who kill people immediately, How can you make such a sexist statement by generalizing all men? Don’t you have father and brother? Is your father and brother poisonous, who kills people? Before pointing fingers on others, see that your four fingers are pointing at you. And don’t preach manners to others, when you yourself don’t have them”

Let’s hope that men will not go to the police station and lodge a complaint on Rakul Preet Singh on her sexist comments.