Pakistan Says Jai Mahishmati!

Pakistan censor board that had imposed ban on Bollywood films had finally allowed Indian blockbuster of the decade “Baahubali 2: The conclusion” to release in their country. Now the movie had started created history in Pakistan too.

All the shows are houseful in both Lahore and Karachi. There are long queues in front of theaters now to get hold of tickets to this much-talked movie, the situation in front of Capri Cinema in Pakistan is similar to the situation in front of Prasad’s IMAX, Hyderabad on release date. This demand is surprising everyone. Eventhough high quality pirated prints are available online, audience are still willing to watch it in theaters.

Because of the increased demand on tickets, the distributors are forced to add additional shows. It is reported that Pakistan audience are thrilled with the royal backdrop, muscular heroes, stunning heroines and roaring elephants, combined with the beautiful Indian songs and dance. We need to wait and watch what all records this movie is going to break in Pakistan now.