Pawan Became Star Due To His Foolish Fans

Film critic, Mahesh Kathi is not just commenting on Pawan Kalyan but also started commenting about Pawan Kalyan fans saying that, the only reason Pawan Kalyan had become star in Telugu film industry is because of his foolish and sadist fans.

“I have a big problem with Pawan Kalyan’s political entry, so I criticized him. If you think that I am just doing this for popularity sake, then I should critizie Mahesh Babu, who is much bigger star than Pawan Kalyan. If I talk about Mahesh Babu then I will become much more popular, but I am not doing that. Pawan Kalyan means nothing to me, Pawan Kalyan had become star because of his insecure and foolish fans".

“I am social commentator and critic, I can talk about anyone. Pawan Kalyan fans do not have complete knowledge but talk nonsense, because of his fans sadistic and foolish behavior, I have come forward to tell my opinion. Who the hell is mega family; I don’t care a damn about any film family in film industry. Is mega family running feudal kingdom in Telugu film industry?”

“You keep your Pawan Kalyan on your heads, but I don’t care about him in anyway. Fans don’t have any right to tell me not to talk about Pawan Kalyan. In democracy everyone has right to talk about anyone.” Shared Mahesh Kathi