Pawan Created Rift Between RGV & His Daughter

Ram Gopal Varma never misses any opportunity to a dig a Pawan Kalyan. Even if Pawan Kalan sneezes, RGV will be ready to counter his action with a satirical post. After Powerstar named his new-born son as Mark Shankar Pawanovich combining both Hindu and Christian traditions with a pinch of Russian touch to it, RGV made a post on Facebook saying that it is the greatest name he has ever heard in history.

“I bow my head to Pawan Kalyan’s sons name. Mark Shankar Pawanovich is the greatest name I heard since the very origin of languages as far back as the pre Christ era of the Twenty-sixth dynasty of medieval Egypt and also the first ever recorded language experiment conducted by the greatest Pharaoh Psammetichus ..I find the integration of the individualism of Pawanism so very disintegrating but so very illustriously into a Russian owich and also as a Mark of homage to the primary Pawan originator Shanker” posted Ram Gopal Varma

Soon RGV's daughter Revathy Varma replied to his post saying that she did not understand even a single word of his post, “I did not understand a word of your comment on Pawan Kalyan’s sons name because what you posted is absolute gibberish..You just used a bunch of complicated words and unrelated historical refenrences which make zero sense”

Responding to his daughter’s post, RGV again posted a counter reply to her with another senseless post, “And what you said is basically a representative proof of the Neanderthal state of your highly low understanding of the very openly hidden pseudo philosophical values of Pawan Kalyan thereby firmly establishing the truth that I love him more than you do not and also that you do not love him as much as I do”