Pawan Mastered His Daughter’s Language

Renu Desai, ex wife of Pawan Kalyan, had come in front of camera after a long time and shared some of the personal details about Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and his family relations. Out of all the untold facts that she had revealed in the interview, one thing which stands out is the equation between Pawan Kalyan and his daughter Aadhya.

“The most happiest moment in my life is getting married with Pawan Kalyan and having two kids with him. I always feel happy looking at my two beautiful kids Akira and Aadhya. It’s in my fate that Pawan will bear those kids with me and I am grateful for that. And the most unhappiest moment in my life is getting divorced from Pawan Kalyan. The time span between both these significant incidents is just two years. Even though I would give him 10/10 as a person, I would only give him 5/10 as a husband”

“Although, we are separated, we still are friends and are always on talking terms with each other. Whenever I want to talk, I will pick up the phone and call him and he also does that. However, if there is one person who has complete command over Pawan Kalyan is my daughter Aadhya, she makes him to do things that no one can ever dream of. If she wants to see him, she immediately calls him and Pawan comes to Pune to spend time with her. She does not want to learn Telugu and can only talk in English and Marathi. So Pawan learned Marathi just to talk with her and they both speak in Marathi whenever they meet” shared Renu Desai