People Are Paying Me 4 Times Than Before

Taapsee Pannu, software professional turned film actress, who debuted with Telugu movie Jhummandi Naadam in 2010 had tasted lot of failures in her film career. Disappointed with the flops she was getting by doing a typical heroine in films, she decided to change path and started working on women-centered films, which clicked at box office.

Her fate completely changed with the box office hit “Pink” and the producers who were earlier asking her to slash her remuneration by 50% are now standing in front of her office by offering twice her earlier amount

She narrated, "I have been asked to slash my rates because the hero's last film didn't do well and the budget was limited, or the producer's last film didn't do well. So, I was told, 'Either you walk out or slash your price'."

"How I worked around it was when I started with Hindi films, I made sure I am going to do whatever it takes to be not-replaceable. How?"

"Have a name for yourself, do the kind of films you want to and do it in a way that they have no other way but to notice. And when you go back, the same people will wait in a queue to get you at double the price probably."

“Without taking names, tables have turned and I have gone to the same people at double the price, and they stood in a line waiting for my dates, only because I decided to fight like a girl,” she added.