Planet Of Cows collects 10 x More Than Baahubali

Supreme Court judge (ex) Justice Markandey Katju, had made a suggestion to Bollywood filmmakers to make a movie called “The Planet of the Cows” similar to ‘The Planet of the Apes‘ which can easily garner 10 times more collections than Baahubali Movie. Soon this suggestion became viral and netizens have started designing the first look poster of the movie.

“There is a Hollywood film called ‘The Planet of the Apes‘ in which apes conquer and enslave humans. I recommend to Bollywood film producers to make a film called ‘ The Planet of the Cows‘ in which cows conquer and enslave Indians. I am sure it will gross ten times more profits than ‘Baahubali‘ Hari Om,” Katju posted.

Katju made this suggestion after Uttar Pradesh government proposed to start cow ambulance service. “I really think the U. P. Govt. has gone mad. In a state where the human masses hardly get any proper healthcare, it has started an ambulance service for taking ill and injured cows to veterinary doctors for medical treatment,” he wrote in another post.