Prabhas And Rana Answers Most Awaited Question

Baahubali Team interacted with media on the occasion of “Baahubali The Conclusion” trailer release. The question which many were having at the event was “When are you both getting married, Prabhas & Rana?

They both were expecting different question i.e. “Why did Kattapa killed Baahubali?” but hearing this question they looked at each other and laughed. Rana said elders should get married first so Prabhas has to answer first. In turn, Prabhas said that in the film, Bhallaladeva is elder to Baahubali, so it is Rana who has to speak first.

Finally, Rana said ‘Please have a look at my look in the poster as Bhallaladeva. Do you think someone will give his or her daughter for me? I must go back and begin my search for a girl from the scratch’. Whereas, Prabhas said ‘I don’t know, when I am going to marry,’ meanwhile, “Baahubali the Conclusion” trailer which was released yesterday has been getting a lot of applause from the industry as well as from the fans.