Prabhas Choreographer Watched Pirated Baahubali

Piracy is undoubtedly the biggest enemy to film industry. It had become a menace that is eating up the revenues of the films. Although we have laws against piracy, the implementation to enforce strict rules are still weak with many loopholes, thereby makes piracy a thriving business.

Every other day we see filmmakers talking about piracy and requesting audience not to watch pirated movies, but when the people in industry itself are watching pirated movies then how can these filmmakers bring change in the audience. You had follow first before you preach others. When our filmmakers are not able do to anything about the people in film industry who are watching pirated movies then how can they ask others not to watch?

We had already seen that South Indian actress Keerthy Suresh shared Baahubali 2 pirated video directly on her Instagram page saying “What a scene #baahubali2 #prabhas”. Now the latest addition is Tollywood Choreographer Rakesh, who had earlier worked with Prabhas, had directly shared in front of the camera saying that he had watched pirated Baahubali movie. Such confessions of film industry insiders without any guilt shows that they themselves do not respect the industry that puts food on their table.