Prince Told Sorry To Diksha By Kissing Her

Bigg Boss Telugu started showing some raunchy acts among its contestants. After the super-hot wild card entry of Diksha Panth in to the show, Prince Cecil is having fun time with her. It was already known that Archana had rejected the Love proposal of Prince in front of everyone saying that she already have a boyfriend.

However, Prince had quickly recovered from that rejection, thanks to wild card entry of Diksha Panth. It was as if Jr.Ntr had sent Diksha Panth in to the house specially for Prince. As soon as Diksha entered in to the Bigg Boss house, Prince was super happy to see her dancing in the swimming pool and also told her not to go into the swimming pool from next time without taking him with her.

In yesterday’s episode (EP18), since prince was the captain of the Bigg Boss house, he allocated money to the housemates based on their performance in the consumers & buyers task. He knowingly gave less money to Diksha saying that her performance was not so good compared to others. Soon she was hurt with Prince statement and asked Mahesh Kathi to intervene in this matter. Mahesh asked Prince to cool down Diksha by giving her a kiss. Immediately, Prince took that offer and gave a kiss on the cheek of Diksha, shocking her and everyone present there.