Prince Touched Diksha At Wrong Places

Prince Cecil is having time of his life in Bigg Boss Telugu reality television show. In episode 32, the housemates were given hotel task where Navdeep and Diksha Panth should be treated as royal guests in the hotel setup by rest of the housemates, who would be acting as hotel staff. The guests should be given everything from food to personal massage without fail. If the housemates do not provide proper service to the guests, then the royal guests Navdeep and Diksha Panth would give poor rating to the hotel staff.

However, there was also a secret task for hotel staff. Apart from doing their prescribed duties as hotel staff, they should also perform 10 activities by not co-operating to the guests. If the hotel staff could perform majority of this 10 activities then they would win the luxury budget of the week. These 10 activities include: Spoiling the food of royal guests, Tearing the pillow of Royal guests, Ruining the makeup of Diksha, Making Navdeep removing his dress, Hotel staff should kiss Navdeep, Making royal guests work in kitchen, Forcing royal guest into swimming pool, Locking royal guest in the store room.

As soon as this secret task was given, the housemates started these non-cooperation activities to the royal guests. As a part of this plan, Mumaith Khan had done a bad makeup on royal guest Diksha and had heated argument with her. This forced Diksha to give bad rating to the hotel staff. While she was doing that Prince and Adarsh Balakrishna groped her and pulled her into the storeroom by lifting her. Stunned Diksha started shouting with this unexpected groping from prince, which forced him to leave her and apologize later.