Puri Was Interrogated for 7 hours

Today, Puri Jagannath had finally attended the interrogation of Special Investigation Team (SIT) in response to the summons served to him with regard to his alleged links with drug peddlers. Puri attended the cross-examination along with his son and his brother Sairam Shankar at 10:00 AM and came out at 6:00 PM with a break of 1 hour in between.

As per the buzz, Puri had well-rehearsed answers for all the questions asked. It is said that he was answering the questions without any delay as if question paper was already leaked to him. Even though police tried their best in pulling as much information as possible but Puri point-to-point answers startled them as well.

It is heard that he in turn questioned the officials on the way he had been served notice just because someone has his mobile number on their phone. He argued that celebrity numbers are available with many people across the state and if someone gets caught in some crime, it does not mean all the people in his mobile phone have helped that person in performing the crime. 

Officials are currently analyzing the answers given by Puri Jagannath and will cross verify them with the suspect’s information they have and will later decide whether Puri is innocent or not.