RGV Asked SriReddy To Scold PSPK

Sri Reddy’s casting couch allegations had been taking many U-turns. After Sri Reddy scolding Pawan Kalyan as "Mad**ch*d" and accusing him saying, “You, Pawan Kalyan, who is thrice-married and has no respect for women, how dare you give us suggestions on what to do… I once called you anna (brother), but I take that back today. From now on, no woman will call you ‘anna’.”

Today, she had apologized to Pawan Kalyan by posting her apologies on Facebook, “Bhahiranga kshamapanalu(sincere apologies) to the pawan nd his mommy..unnecessary we blamed by many,ur enemy made us to do this and forced us do this in a good advisor mask..i am not belongs to the any political party..i didnt work for the biryani sorry..I hope u nd ur fans should digest nd understand the truth..trolling its fine I face it for my mistake”

Now, people started discussing about those Pawan Kalyan’s enemies that Sri Reddy mentioned in her social media post. After many gossips circulating both online and offline, finally the name had been revealed today by a famous social activist Sandhya.

“Yesterday night at 1:30 PM, Sri Reddy sent a message saying that she is completely depressed with her life and do not want live anymore. I got panicked and took a cab and went to her home and brought her to my home and scolded her on her suicidal tendencies and enquired the reason behind such drastic step”

“She then showed me her chat conversation with RGV. The conversation started by Sri Reddy informing RGV about going to the press meet at the press club and RGV asked Sri Reddy to scold Pawan Kalyan explicitly in that press meet by using bad words. Being a fickle minded person, Sri Reddy blindly followed RGV’s advice without thinking twice. But once she had voiced those malicious comments, she understood the mistake she had done and how RGV had used her to exploit Pawan Kalyan”

“When Telugu film industry people are scolding Sri Reddy for making such bad comments on Pawan Kalyan, they should also condemn RGV for using Sri Reddy. Why they are not boycotting RGV for spreading such hatred among their own people? Is it because he is in much better position than Sri Reddy? I agree that what Sri Reddy did was wrong, But I am also angry that people like RGV are exploiting others and walking away” shared Sandhya in an interview.