RGV Released Another Bumchik Trailer

Ram Gopal Varma is the guy who does not want to be controlled by censor board. He wants a free hand when it comes to movies. Many of his movies were scissored unconditionally by the censor board because of the way he depicts women and violence. Even though most of his films flop at box office, he still has his set of audience who watch his films no matter how bad they are.

After releasing the adult trailer of his web series Guns & Thighs, where Power and Sex had been showed in its most natural form, Ram Gopal Varma had released another trailer of his upcoming short film “The Foreigner”, which is based on how local Indian men gets attracted to the foreign girl who resides in India.  

Although this trailer does not have nude scenes as shown in his previous Guns & Thighs trailer, but it has rest of everything. Ram Gopal Varma is creating new trend among the filmmakers with his explicit web videos. Fans of RGV are happy with the latest trailer and are thanking him for another bumchik video. Now don't ask us, what is the meaning of "bumchik".