RGV says, Vijay Is The Only Hero in TFI

Director Ram Gopal Varma had been going bonkers about Vijay Devarakonda’s upcoming film “Arjun Reddy”. He praised Tollywood actor Vijay by saying that he is the only actor who looks like a hero without any camera gimmicks and also backed him on his comments against politician V Hanumantha Rao. RGV’s comments gained significance as many-slammed Vijay Devarakonda’s headstrong attitude and overconfidence in his Arjun Reddy’s pre-release event speech.

“Awesome trailer of ARJUN REDDY..Vijay Devarakonda is the only actor I ever saw who looks like a hero without the help of any slow motion or ramping shots. My request to Vijay Devarakonda is to tear off the clothes of Hanumanth Rao but my fear is children might get scared seeing HR like that. I dint understand why Hanumanth Rao tore that poster, was he jealous because that beautiful girl was kissing Vijay Devarakonda or was it because HR himself would have never been kissed ? Just asking”

“Thathayya should ask his Manavallu and Manavarallu if they think anything is wrong with his poster? Thathayya, Arjun Reddy is for Manavalu and Manavaraallu and definitely not for prehistoric minded Thaatayyalu..Just chill. As it is ur party became Thatayya and now because of ur childish things all peoples Manavalu and Manavarallu won't vote next and then because of u ur party will become double Thathayya” quipped RGV.