RGV’s Punch To Jr.NTR & Allu Arjun

Ram Gopal Varma gave a strong counter to actors such as Jr.NTR and Allu Arjun, who earlier slammed the movie critics just because their movies did not work at the box office. “Forget about normal audience, people in film industry love to read negative movie reviews as long as that is not their film. But once their movie gets bad rating, those actors come out in front of media and start giving warnings to those critics. What where these guys doing, when they got good ratings, these actors accept praises but can’t accept criticism. The logic here is simple, if you don’t want anyone to criticize your movie, then don’t make any movie.” shared RGV.

Earlier Allu Arjun had said that all commercial movies should be given good ratings because it is a combination of various genres “Who are they to give Star Rating? How could you rate an emotion? Only Telugu Cinema or South Indian Cinema makes multi-genre film & it's our Originality. Nowhere in the World films have an Interval. It's a very unique point & that's our culture! So, First of all they should absorb our uniqueness. Reviewers should know the power of the commercial cinema and respect that with proper ratings!”

Later Jr. NTR also voiced his strong opinions on movie reviews as his “Jai Lava Kusa” did not get good ratings, “When someone is critically ill, they are admitted in the hospital’s emergency ward for treatment.Their family is obviously concerned and eagerly awaits the doctor’s verdict. In the meanwhile, there are several people in the hospital, who start giving opinions. ‘He won’t live. He’ll die,’ says someone. Another person says, ‘The same happened to someone I know and I think he won’t live.’ Meanwhile, the family remains concerned about the status of the patient. So let the audience watch and decide a film’s result!, instead of publishing your bad reviews”