Rajamouli Had Been Telling Stories To Me From Past 10 Years

Prabhas revealed that Rajamouli told him eight different mega scale stories in the past 10 years and he narrated Baahubali five years back.

“All these eight stories are grand scale historical stories which has combination of history and wars including the story of Sri Krishnadevaraya. But even Rajamouli was not satisfied with those eight stories as he felt that something was amiss in it. During the dubbing of Rebel move, he came and narrated Baahubali story and it took me four days to come out of that dream story. That was when I was confident on this movie”

“But before the release of the Baahubali Part 1, everyone in our team were under tremendous stress on whether the movie will be hit or not. We were worried about the producers who invested a lot of money on this story and any flop talk would have bought lot of damage to us”

“I become very emotional after the shooting of Baahubali part 1, I knew that there would be second part but I had doubt whether this film will be hit or not. That was the reason I hugged everyone in the set before coming back home” shared Prabhas