Rajamouli's Dad Bets Big On Erotic Thriller

Writer Vijayendra Prasad, father of hit machine S.S. Rajamouli, is now betting big on erotic thriller “Srivall”, which he is directing. The writer cum director is very confident on this story and is saying that it could captivate the audience and provide them never before felt experience. The film has all new actors in the lead roles.

Now, Rajamouli is also working behind the scenes to build up the craze for this film by lending his voice. He is giving the voiceover for this film. A source close to the film unit revealed, “If you come to the sets of the movie, you will see Vijayendra Prasad wearing multiple hats and involving in every small detail of this project and is shouldering the film completely. He always keep telling us that he would create a new trend with this movie”

After the super success of “Baahubali” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, Vijayendra Prasad had become popular everywhere cross the India. Now he also wants to show to the world that he not only can write blockbuster stories but also could direct blockbuster film. Srivalli is a tri-lingual film that will be released in Telugu, Tamil & Kannada languages on September 15. The film has Miss India Neha Hinge and newcomer Rajath in lead roles.