Rajasekhar’s Depression Lead To Car Accident

Telugu hero Rajasekhar had a close shave yesterday night, when the car he was driving met with an accident. Even though Rajasekhar escaped with just minor injuries, his car had smashed into builder Rami Reddy's new Toyota Fortuner SUV and damaged it badly. Soon there was a heated exchange of words between Rami Reddy and Rajasekhar and the builder had immediately informed the police and lodged a complaint on Rajasekhar.

“At 10pm we got a call from Rami Reddy saying that a drunk celebrity had rammed into his car. When we went there, we found hero Rajasekhar and his car. Rami Reddy alleged that Rajasekhar, who was drunk, crashed into his car from backside by driving recklessly. But, Rajasekhar said that he was not drunk and asked us to do breathalyzer test. We took him to Rajendranagar police station and done breathalyzer test, where the results were negative”

“Soon, his wife Jeevitha approached us saying that Rajasekhar is in depression because his mother was expired recently and called it as the main reason for the Rajasekhar’s uncontrolled driving pattern. Later the person who had given complaint also compromised listening to the explanation given by Rajasekhar’s wife Jeevitha and took back his complaint. We filled out the formalities and closed the case” said Rajendranagar police station SI