Rakul Trolled For Pantless Comment

Actress Rakul Preet Singh, who is struggling to make her mark in Bollywood, is in news again for all the bad reasons. Recently, the actress was spotted getting out of her car wearing mini shorts. A twitter user posted a rude comment at Rakul saying, "When she forgets to wear her pant after the session in the car".

This tweet angered Rakul Preet Singh and she also replied to that user with a rude tweet saying, “I think your mother does a lot of sessions in the car so you are an expert !! Ask her to give u some sense also besides these session details .. till the time people like this exist women can’t be safe .. just debating about equality and safety won’t help.. #sickmind”

Even though everyone agreed that the nasty comment from the twitter user was in a bad taste, they also trolled Rakul Preet Singh heavily for bringing his Mother in her abusive tweet and advised her that she should not have brought up his Mom into this. Other users replied to Rakul saying that the actress is a perfect example of hypocrite, where on one hand she is talking about women safety and on the other hand, she is insulting the modesty of the other women.