Ram Charan Shouldered Chiranjeevi's Fight

Baahubali writer V Vijayendra Prasad, who is again trying his hand in direction, had revealed some interesting details about Ram Charan at the pre-release event of 'Srivalli', which happened at Sandhya Convention Centre, Gachibowli. Everyone know how popular “100 men fight episode” had become from the film Magadheera, but the twist here is that the iconic fight episode was initially written for Chiranjeevi, which was later shouldered by Ram Charan and won the hearts of audience.

"We started our journey with Ram Charan with Magadheera movie. Before even Magadheera happened, I want to share an interesting episode with you. After Simhadri movie, media asked Rajamouli when he is planning to make a movie with Chiranjeevi, then Rajamouli replied saying that every director’s ultimate aim to make movie with Chiranjeevi and it is in Chiranjeevi’s hands to grant any director that lucky opportunity. After few days, we got call from Chiranjeevi. Me and Rajamouli went to meet him where he warmly praised Rajamouli about Simhadri and asked Rajamouli to direct him.”

“After 10 days, we went and narrated Chiranjeevi about the “100 men fight episode” and Chiranjeevi was very much impressed with that and asked us to go forward with the story but due to some unexpected reasons, the movie did not materialize. Whenever me and Rajamouli used to discuss about that episode, Rajamouli always reiterated that he wanted to do that episode with Megastar only. However, during Magadheera we went ahead and did that episode with Ram Charan as he is the flag bearer to carry the legacy of Chiranjeevi” disclosed V Vijayendra Prasad.