Rana Clarifies About His Fake Angry Promo

After getting lot of attention on his anger burst on TV9 anchor, Rana Daggubati clarified that he had faked it on request of the anchor. In that interview it was shown that, after the anchor started asking questions alleging Rana’s role in recent drugs scandal case, he became furious and angrily shouted on that anchor.

Recently, Rana answered questions of his followers on his twitter. One common question that he got from his followers was that whether his anger burst on TV9 interview was real or fake, to which Rana replied that the anchor herself asked him to behave like that so that they can cut a promo to make it viral.

The media channel had planned to make this promo look like Dhanush's angry walkout during the promotions of the film “VIP2”, but not everyone were convinced that Rana had did that for real because of his facial expression and by the way he was holding his laugh while shouting at the anchor. However, at the end of day it does not matter whether it is good or bad publicity. Only thing that matter is “Free Publicity” which both the channel and the "Nenu Raju Nene Mantri" team had achieved successfully.