Rana Gave Me Strict Warning

Director Teja, who is happy after receiving good day 1 collections for his movie "Nene Raju Nene Mantri", shared his happiness with media. Apart from boasting about himself, his film and actors, he also shared about difficult things that he had encountered while doing this film.

“First I narrated the story to Rana and he liked the script. I also taught that this story would suit him very well because he has nice personality and can also perform well. Next I was looking for heroine and the only pre-requisite for me was that heroine also should be tall, so I went to Kajal Agarwal and she also said ok. I also want second heroine who should be stylish and then I went to Catherina Tresa and she also said ok. Usually this is the way filmmakers give speech saying that everyone said ok and we enjoyed a lot while working for this film. But to be frank with you, we didn’t enjoy so much while making this film”

“After Rana said ok for the story, I went to Suresh Babu and he said lot of corrections in the story. I got angry, as why producer want me to change the script when hero is ok with it. So I went back to Rana and said, we will not do this film with Suresh Babu, I know another producer called Kiran, lets do with him. But later I agreed on the points mentioned by Suresh Babu and started those discussions in Suresh Babu’s guest house”

“Soon Rana came there, stood in front of the door and gave a warning to me saying “I will do this film in my own way but not according to your rules, If you are ok with this then only I will step inside or else I will get out from here”. He came inside only after I agreed to his conditions. I think I am too advanced and try to do things which are supposed to come after 5 years, Rana and Suresh Babu tried to control me in those areas” shared Teja