Regina Slapped A Guy For Touching Her Back

Regina Cassandra reacted strongly to the comments on women saying that, Rape happen because of indecent clothes wore by women. “I don’t understand this senseless logic where people keep on saying that women should wear decent clothes so that they would not be raped. So as per their logic, is the woman who only wear short skirts are getting raped in India? There were many cases reported where women wearing burqa also got raped”

“Rape has nothing to do with a women’s clothes. This kind of sexual harassment or molestation would not stop even if everyone wears salwar kameez and sarees. Molesters who view women as sexual object should be brought to justice quickly without giving them any free hand. Unless or until the punishments are severe, these kind of things keep of happening everywhere in India.”

“Women also should start revolting against these animals who try to touch them at any given opportunity. In fact I was also been in such situations when I was going to college. One guy touched my back and calmly left as if nothing happened. I was in the state of shock as it happened for the first time. During that time I questioned myself, why didn’t I react at that time and why was I embarrassed of myself, when I have not done any wrong. When a similar incident repeated, I did not keep quiet but gave that scoundrel nice tight slap. Although I feared he would attack me, that guy left quickly. From then, I decided to stay bold.” Regina Cassandra