Robo 2.0 Creates Public Nuisance

A controversy has broken out on the film's set of Shankar’s magnum opus, 2.0, when the film crew assaulted two journalists for questioning the blocking of a road.

The journalists, Raghunathan and Sri Barath said "When we asked if it was proper to inconvenience public by blocking roads especially during (morning) peak hour, two crew members used foul language against us and we were beaten up"

Soon, the agitated journalists lodged a police complaint and the police have arrested the chief assistant director of the film, Pappu, who is a relative of the director Shankar. Later the parties settled the case amicably and the journalists withdrew the complaint after the film director Shankar apologized to the journalists over this incident.

Director Shankar said "This incident happened without my knowledge, I feel very sorry for that, I will see that it won’t happen again"