Rohit Clarifies On Regina’s Breast Controversy

There had been many rumors flying around about the Nara Rohit and Regina Cassandra’s relationship as they both are seen romancing in three films (Jyo Achyutananda, 'Shankara' and Balakrishnudu). Responding to these rumors, Rohit clarified that there's no truth to it and both share nothing more than a professional relationship.

Now another controversy had come up regarding Nara Rohit touching the breast of Regina Cassandra in the trailer of Balakrishnudu during a fight scene. When Nara Rohit was questioned about this, he clarified that the scene was the part of the situational action sequence fight and there is no hidden agenda or vulgarity behind that shot.

However, gossip mongers and several YouTube channels had been cashing on this scene by making a repeat loop of that shot and posting that in their YouTube channel to attract more views and subscribers to their channel. On the other side, this in-turn is increasing the publicity for this movie. Balakrishnudu featuring Nara Rohit and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles is releasing this Friday.