SDT Confirmed RCT & Jr.NTR's Movie

We all know what had happened after Rajamouli released the photo of him along with Ram Charan and Jr.NTR. While some thought that it was just a casual photo, others were of opinion that Rajamouli is going to direct both Ram Charan and Jr.NTR in his next film. However, somewhere down the line, the fans of both these actors were still in doubt. But now none other than Sai Dharma Tej had confirmed that the news about that movie is actually true and even he is eagerly waiting for it.

“I got surprised looking at the photo. Initially, I thought that all three of them had met casually and posed for photo. But later my friend called me and asked me about that photo, I coolly told him yeah I saw it and it was good, then he replied it’s just not photo, they are actually making a movie together. I was stunned and immediately called Charan and confirmed the news”

“Then I got to know that they are totally making a movie together. I was really excited with that news; I really want that to happen. When India’s biggest director is making a film with two biggest stars in Telugu film industry, there is enormous amount of craze on that project and I am also eagerly looking forward for it.” said Sai Dharma Tej