Samantha Fully Recovered From Sunstroke

Samantha, who suffered a sunstroke while shooting for Ram Charan's upcoming movie Repalle, had recuperated well and ready to shoot for outdoor schedules. It is known that Samantha fell unconscious due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures at Godavari, which led the unit to wrap up the schedule quite early.

Even though Samantha didn’t want to stop complete shooting for the sake of her, Ram Charan insisted that she take rest as one of the dangerous symptom of sunstroke is confusion, so even though the person affected by sunstroke may say something in confused state, but it can lead to dangerous situation if immediate medical help and rest is not given.

The next schedule is planned in the second week of May and with the rising temperatures in Godavari, the actors are literally preparing their bodies to adapt to the super-hot conditions that  would be waiting for them. Ram Charan will be seen as Chittibabu in the movie and will be donning a lungi in a typical village fisherman look.