Sampoo Does A Self Goal

Sampoornesh Babu alias Sampoo, did a self-goal in Bigg Boss Telugu where he eliminated himself out of the Bigg Boss house. Sampoo, who could not gel properly with other Bigg Boss contestants from the beginning of the show, became furious in yesterday’s show when the outdoor area of the Bigg Boss was locked for three hours.

The outdoor lawn area of Bigg Boss Telugu was locked for installation of cages as part of new task. Sampoo became uncomfortable being locked in the house for 3 hours without outdoor and smoking areas access. He showed his rage multiple times in front of the cameras and threatened Bigg Boss

Other contestants such as Dhanraj, Karthika and captain Kalpana tried to control him but he was in no mood to mellow down. Looking at his rage, Bigg Boss called him in to the confession room to enquire about his state. He nagged that he do not want to spend another minute in the house and wants to get of this show immediately.

Big Boss warned him that he had entered the show as per his wish by agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the show and leaving the show in between will lead to legal and monetary penalties as per the signed contract. However, Sampoo did not step back and finally he was sent out of the show.