Sanjay Dutt Was King In His Past Life

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt says he know the reason why he is suffering in this life. It is already known that the actor, who is born to Bollywood actors Sunil Dutt and Nargis, got addicted to drugs in his early career after the death of his mother and later problems also started in his marital life and he had gone through 2 divorces and finally got married third time with Manyata.

His personal life took a steep U turn after he was accused of involvement in 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts and was arrested in April 1993 under the provisions of the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act. TADA court had sentenced Sanjay Dutt for 6 years in jail. After serving the sentence, he was released from Yerwada Central Jail on 25 February 2016

In his recent interview, he revealed that he believes in Karma and said that in 1995, he visited Coimbatore where an astrologer told him that he is suffering in the present life due to his sins committed in past birth. He has been told that he was the king in the Asoka dynasty and killed many innocent people. This is the reason he had gone through tough times in his life and Sanjay believes it as the main reason for his problems in this life.

Meanwhile, people are saying that "It is very interesting to know that everyone is King, Queen, Prince or Princess in their past life, but no one is saying that they were shopkeeper, bullock cart owner, beggar or homeless in their previous life, Maybe those poor and miserable people have become Billionaires in this life and hence not complaining".