Shalini Shared Room With Two Guys

Arjun Reddy fame Shalini Pandey, who mesmerized everyone with her performance in the role of “Preethi” had revealed secrets about her personal life on how she had to fight not just for film offers but also on how she had to convince her parents to allow her pursue the dream of becoming the actress.

“I am from Jabalpur, I didn’t plan to debut with south Indian films but I know for the fact that I want to be in movies. My father is very strict, first he wants me to do engineering and after I did my engineering, he don’t want me to go for films and wants me to go for an IT job. There was point of time where my father was not agreeing at all and I asked him that I would go to Bombay for one week and later come back. But when I was in Bombay, my father used to call me every second and tell me that he will come and take me to home”

“That’s when I decided that I will cut ties with him, I wrote an email to him that I am not coming back to home and I don’t want his money from now on. He wants to come to Bombay and take me but I did not tell him where I was staying. He said that he would call police and complain then I replied him that I was 22 and if he tortures me like that I will complain police that he is harassing me and sent him the mail. He replied saying, don’t ever come back”

“I didn't have money, I don’t know how will I survive in Bombay. Then my friend told me that she knows about two guys who share a room and if I am ok I can share the room with them. Since I had no other option, I shared house with two unknown guys for two months and those two guys treated me very well that I never remembered my family during those times. They pampered me and I got lot of support from those two guys during my stay there” shared Shalini Pandey