Sharwa Bangs His Head on Floor, When Angry

Actor Sharwanand’s Mother Vasundhara had shared lot of personal details about his son. “Sharwa is very stubborn. When he gets angry, he bangs his head on the floor, many times he got hurt on his head. He does not like going to school, we used to send him rickshaw and he used to jump from it and come back, when we used to send him in car, he used to open the door and come back to home. Till his 9th class he used to do this, but later he got used to the school”

“When we showed his horoscope to a guru, after looking at sharwanand birth date he told us that sharwa will become a hero one day. We didn’t tell this sharwa as we taught it may spoil his future. However, later he came to know about that and fought with us about not informing that to him. He told us about his acting plans while studying intermediate, but on his father’s advice he completed his degree”

“I felt bad when he lost all his money by becoming producer to movie, Ko Ante Koti. It is not about profit or loss but he does not like someone talking about him badly so he returned all the money. That film had taught him lot of valuable lessons. Maybe god wants it to happen and it had happened and I believe it happened for a reason” shared Vasundhara